Pray for Men and Boys

I’ve always been fascinated by the physical strength of men. They’re just so strong… I mean very simply they can pick up heavy things without the slightest sign of a struggle.

I love to see their natural instincts – irrespective of their age – to rush and help where they see a need. When I’ve taken a taxi – in the good old days – they’d hop out and rush to lift your heavy suitcase into the cab, as if it was filled with tissue paper. Meanwhile, I needed two hands to drag it to that point with great struggle and pain. They like to be helpful, because they can, without effort. There’s been many a time, when my heavy suitcase was lifted to the top or bottom of a bridge on train stations in my travels.

And then you get stupid women saying ‘I don’t need a man to help me’… one old lady told me she hit a taxi drivers’ hand when he opened the door… cussing rudely – “I don’t need your help”!

Getting them to stop doing that is like trying to get a cat to bark. It’s in their blood.

I’ve often stopped at building sites to gaze in wonder at men carrying out really heavy work. They actually enjoy it! It’s like a major work out. I’m not keen on Mr Universe though.

Then there’s the male ballet and ballroom dancers; no matter how slightly built they are, lifting the ladies up over their heads as if they’re dolls! Absolutely incredible.

Men are strong. They are made that way. Their bones are longer, bigger; their skin is thicker too, and hairier. All to equip them for their heavy work, and life. They don’t feel the bumps and scratches like women do.

Watch them skate on their knees on the sports fields after scoring a point. My stomach flips just watching.

Even their bladder and stomachs are larger.

Men are strong.

God made them that way.

But – their one weakness is their eyes.

How do you know?  I hear you say…

  • Have you ever seen a guy walk into a lamp post while his head is turned towards a pretty girl walking past?
  • Driving in a car and the driver can’t bring his eyes back onto the road – same reason?
  • Girls in the office who don’t dress appropriately are always noticed, particularly by the men.
  • Many a wife have caught their men with their mouths open as they say – with their eyes glued, seemingly, to an attractive female passing by. 
  • Coming home on the tube one day – a very young girl standing with her older sister – I assumed – in the section between two carriages – she was wearing dark tights with quite tight, very short, shorts over them, and a pretty top…she was a young teenager. I surreptitiously glanced up and down the carriage, which was one of those new tubes where the seats were opposite each other, so I could see quite clearly that every male person for as far as I could see, had their eyes on this young girl, and not on her face either.

I prayed for every boy and man who couldn’t take their eyes off that girl that day. For almighty God to intercede in their thoughts and cut them off from it and forget about it.

The devil roams around like a roaring lion to see whom he can devour.  1 Peter 5:7

The trouble is, when the scenery changes, those thoughts of what they saw, stay in their minds, if they dwell on it, it can arouse further feelings, ending up in lust. (Strong sexual desire – even uncontrolled).

Now the best example of all is King David of the bible. He looked down over his balcony one night, and saw Bathsheba bathing.  He had to have her, and he did, and the rest is history.

For those of you who don’t know the history. King David naturally had many guards and soldiers surrounding him, willing to do whatever he asked. He arranged for her to be brought to his quarters and ended up having sex with her. When she later told him she was pregnant he arranged for her husband to be killed in battle so he could take her as his wife. A baby boy was born but later died.

She was sexually assaulted, had to mourn the death of her husband whom she loved, then loses her baby.

The wages of sin is death. Romans 6:23   

Read the story – 2 Samuel 11:2 – 12:23

He wrote Psalm 51 after that.

God is merciful and sovereign.

What of the desires of men, as they go about their daily living? If they don’t know the bible, they won’t have heard of praying for help, or even knowing of self-control. They may continue with those thoughts and turn to the internet, where they can look at anything in secret to fulfil their lust. They may go to the pub and try having a drink to forget it. They will never discuss it, (men are strong – and that is a sign of weakness – in their eyes), so they believe that they are on their own, and also, that they are the only one to go through those feelings.  It’s not unknown that they may even know the bible, but they feel ashamed and won’t tell.

If you’re a Christian, please pray for all men and boys.

To be continued…