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Huh! Don’t be daft I hear you say. Why blame the government?

Whilst queuing in a post office one day and watching a dad at a loss with his young son, who was pulling leaflets off a stand nearby and throwing them on the floor. The child of course took no notice of being told to pick them up. This went on for some time as poor dad begged and tried to assert authority but to no avail.

I imagine dad was very aware of all eyes on him, wondering what he was going to do. And, knowing full well, that someone would most likely report him if he gave the child a smack and showed any kind of authority.

The dad continued to beg the child to pick up the leaflets with no result, then the child turned round and said no! you pick them up! And so dad did as he was told.

The fifth commandment says – Honour your father and your mother, that your days may be prolonged in the land which the Lord your God gives you. Exodus 20:12

“The key to societal stability is reverence and respect for parents and their authority…..” notes from my John MacArthur study bible.

So yeah I do blame governments who have put laws in place that forbid scriptural teaching in schools and penalise parents for disciplining their children.

What do adults do if they have a hysterical person losing their grip – they slap them across the face to shake them out of it. A quick smack on the bottom of a child does the same thing and lets them know that you are in charge. Doing nothing lets the devil know he can use them to do his work, because the parents are not in charge.

No one is saying beat them up or use uncontrolled vicious angry outbursts. That should never happen. But loving parents do not do that. By teaching them right from wrong is however the most loving thing you can do for them.

Its glaringly obvious that people the world over refuse point blank to do as they are told, which would never have happened if they knew that their actions have consequences.

I doubt if many in government know the bible nor understand it. But they’re quick to agree with anti-Christs in order to win votes.

Now they end up with spending millions to pick up everywhere and cleanse the sea.


All what we see in the world today …

Hatred, rudeness, unkindness, selfishness, arrogant pride, haughtiness, discrimination against any nation = racism, disrespect for one another, dishonouring of parents and elderly, lack of obedience to parents, ingratitude to the generosity and help offered by others, and especially by those in the emergency and medical services, refusing to be told or taught by parents and teachers and all in authority, spitting, mocking, vile language, rage, killings, raping, kidnapping, intimate relations with anyone outside of biblical marriage, bullying, cruelty to all animals, abusing animals for money, taking what’s not yours, not telling the truth, destroying property or someone else’s possessions…

Is all evidence of how sinful we are born – with evil hearts – no one taught us this way, it’s the natural progression of Adams disobedience to God. (Yes, Eve sinned too, but she was lovingly put under his protection, and chose to move out of it and fell – taking all mankind with, in the Fall). But we’re not all the same in our sinfulness, but nevertheless, sinful.

When we engage in any of those sinful behaviours, things inevitably go wrong.

Jesus came down into the world to teach us the correct way, the righteous way, but people still wanted their way to be right, they chose darkness.

But God – Jesus – loved the world so much, he took all the world’s sins in his own body, and died on the cross to save us, from eternal depravity, darkness and suffering in hell, so that believing in Him we can become brand new, born again, free from the power of sin.

Nations that have denied parents and schools, teaching about Jesus and disciplining their children to live godly clean lives, to bring honour to them and worship God, have rejected Gods love and protection and grace, and bring on themselves worldly disasters without his help.

Guess what? They blame God! It’s what they choose.

People who love God, love Jesus, love the bible – the Word of God, love their neighbour, and want to help others and be kind and loving. Its natural. It shows we belong to a higher realm, because we honour God who made us and we desire to obey.

Yes, we Christians, still make mistakes in our sinful earthly flesh, daily sometimes even, but we have a Father in heaven who loves us and by His grace he protects us and brings us back to him for repentance, so we can live in rest and peace now, even when things go wrong and we get sick, and even after we die here on earth. We’ll always be in rest and peace with Him for all eternity.

Rejoice in the birth of Christ! There’s no greater Gift!

Ps…for the first time in 7 decades, I have felt free to speak…

Never forget! Bullying and derision is a sin.

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