Incubation – shutdown – black hole – tunnel – vortex – closed – gone fishing – drowning – hibernation – underground – imprisonment – cornered

Shadowlands – where the sun doesn’t shine – C S Lewis

It all produced a blank canvas for God to write on…Hallelujah!

Times when I was useful came to mind…

Remember how the whole world could not produce face masks, suitable to protect medical staff in quick time!

I was grinding my teeth in annoyance…

I felt like they needed someone like me who could buy products for the giant cosmetic house I worked for in South Africa. A leading, prestigious, fussy, particular about everything, American company. If Quality Control did not approve a product – it was rejected. Marketing people went nuts for lost sales – but QC was priority.

They loved me because when I ordered something, I chased, hounded, took no excuse, until the product landed on our floor.

I learned to scrutinize everything before seeking approval, proof read every word twice before submitting to marketing, who together with the CEO and directors, came to trust me.

I monitored right down to the time they would deliver.

Marketing had less loss of sales due to the ‘out of stock’ report I monitored daily.


Why couldn’t governments obtain life saving masks on time?


At least it got my writing juices flowing – on paper though, not up for blogging

The gloominess of lockdown actually helped me.

God cleared out my mind and showed me things which lifted me out of my despair. But I was slow in recovery.

I needn’t be scared to be me anymore – I’m okay…

A walk in the park – had a whole new meaning. That’s all I could do sometimes.

I needn’t climb the walls or talk to the wall like Shirley Valentine anymore.

God was always with me, guiding, teaching, cleansing, whatever it took, and bringing things to mind to encourage again…

Long ago in South Africa – Cape Town actually. I got off the bus and turned to walk away, when I saw a ‘homeless looking’ dark man – not young – grab the rail to climb the ridiculously high steps, the single decker busses have. But the bus driver pulled off!

I stood horrified – for a moment – then ran after the speeding bus, that carried the man hanging on the outside for his life.

Wearing a cream coloured Trench coat, which flared out behind me, as I ran along the road screaming to the bus driver; was quite the apparition to behold.

The man dropped to the ground – cars and people stopped and stared.

I ran up to him and lifted his bleeding head and face – rummaged for a tissue to wipe him – naturally he was stunned and hurt. I tried to lift him but failed – then a young white girl came up to help me – but the two of us could not lift this big man who was a ‘dead weight’ really …

“Oh Jesus please help us Lord”! I cried – then in a flash the man was standing on his feet – even before I stood up.

The dark skinned driver stopped the bus by this time and walked back to the scene.

I’m sorry he said – we’re not allowed to let them on the bus.

Don’t worry about that now I said and gave him money to take the gentleman as near as possible to his destination. And off they went.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

Praise Jesus my Saviour.

If you know Jesus – call on Him to help you help others, and be his hands and feet.

Pixaby picture.

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